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Extracts from this document Introduction. February LLB (hons) Full time; Year One. (See separate sheet for full page of references) Tort Coursework;.

AlchemistsApronScreen Alchemist s Apron.

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Alembic placed YouTube. Synthesis Interrupted problem. Flask set. Ffxi crafting compass. Mirriam With Egg Furniture. Desynthesis Ipgproje com.

Also, unlike normal crafting, the chances of getting a High Quality result from Desynthesis is greatly increased, meaning that crafters can get a HQ1, 2, or even 3 while still being under the skill cap for the item! Such a process can be particularly lucrative, especially in the case of certain pieces of Beastmen armor.

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Contents [ show ]. Categories : Guides Information Needed Verification. Distilled Water x3. Tahrongi Cactus. Tonberry Lantern. Carbon Fishing Rod. Composite Fishing Rod. Paralyze Potion. Bronze Mittens. Bronze Leggings. Bronze Zaghnal.

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Bronze Subligar. Scale Finger Gauntlets.

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Corrosive Claws. HQ1: Bronze Ingot.

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Quadav Backplate. Mythril Nugget x4. Darksteel Baselard. Antican Pauldron. HQ1: Darksteel Ingot. HQ1: Darksteel Sheet. Cougar Baghnakhs. Royal Archer's Sword. Legionnaire's Knuckles. Silver Ingot Goldsmithing. Gigas Necklace.

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Scorpion Shell. HQ1: Scorpion Shell. Coral Subligar.

Bronze Ingot Smithing. Lynx Baghnakhs. Yagudo Necklace. Copper Hairpin. HQ1: Copper Ingot. Brass Leggings. Brass Subligar. Silver Earring. Tourmaline Earring.

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Silver Hairpin. HQ1: Silver Ingot. Silver Bangles. Mythril Nugget x6.

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Mythril Dagger. Bastokan Leggings. Legionnaire's Harness. HQ1: Sheep Leather x2. Compound Eye Circlet. HQ1: Copper Ingot x2. Corse Bracelet. Leather Bandana. Leather Highboots.