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Extracts from this document Introduction. February LLB (hons) Full time; Year One. (See separate sheet for full page of references) Tort Coursework;.

My GP classes have students with different subject-combinations. Students will be taught to:. Identify their learner profiles, strengths, and weaknesses,. Appreciate marker psychology,. Set up the flow of an argument,. Strategise in their choice of topics and issues,.

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Practice the craft of persuasion,. Read Now, one reads the text critically, with the aforementioned evaluative, analytical, interpretive and questioning lens, sieving out answers to the questions asked before and picking out other salient or interesting points raised.

Recall This activity is only useful if the information can be easily recalled for use during essay writing, either as assignments or in the exam hall. It also helps to keep focus while reading, knowing that the information needs to be recalled later on. Review This final step is important to establish the deeper level of understanding previously discussed. Here is where notes and key ideas are reviewed, and further questions asked. Analysis: What are the Patterns of the Text In this step, one engages in understanding the arguments that the author has made.

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Below are some guiding questions; What is the thesis or overall theory? What are the supporting points that create the argument?

What are the skills required to excel in the A Level GP examination?

How do they relate to each other? How do they relate to the thesis? What are the examples used as evidence for the supporting points? How do they relate to the points they support? To each other? To the thesis? What techniques of persuasion are used appeals to emotion, reason, authority, etc. What rhetorical strategies are used e. Below are some guiding questions; What debates were the author and the text engaging with at that time?

What kinds of reasoning historical, psychological, political, philosophical, scientific, etc are employed?

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What methodology is employed and what theory is developed? You have to think that there are set answers and you have to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible while sounding like you have good English too because P2 is such a rush. For P1, I looked at examples for several topics but ended up using none of them.

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I used my Sec 4 geog knowledge and all the US politics stuff going on that everyone knows about. I even quoted a few things wrongly. Question about climate change I planned the compo really quick for 10 minutes then wrote everything out. Finished with 5 sides and 2 glorious minutes to check.

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Somehow it worked out. To be honest,the way school teacher marks a quality A grade essay internally may be drastically different from what Cambridge GP markers are looking out for instead. Our school prelims only had 0. As to how I feel you should write an essay,linking between paragraphs may be useful.

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For instance,I wrote question 11 for the H1 GP essay last yr relating to climate change and using the example of Itaipu Dam in one of my paragraphs stating that technological advancements such as renewable energy in the form of hydroelectric power can address climate change and the subsequent paragraph stating the economic limitations of such technological advancements and relating it to Itaipu Dam again as having a significant financial cost which would not have been possible to build if 2 or more countries haven't collaborated together to borne the costs as a sole country which is less developed would not be able to build the dam due to lack of financial resources.

Three things you'll wanna do: master the English language, have some idea of the world around you, and be able to make logical arguments. Most students benefit from concentrating on logic, but that's partially because of how the beast works. Without some level of mastery of language, you simply can't think about logic. Without awareness of the world around you, it's difficult to cite the required evidence.

Also, read opinion articles, use the dictionary multiple times every day, and make sure you make time to sleep. Answer the question.

No kidding. Scored E for prelims.

Went for tons of consult with my gp tutor and realised that i was not answering the question. I would rather score a student who ans the qn but with no examples an A. And fail a student with many examples but does not ans the ques". Srsly thankful for my gp tutor who eventually helped me score a B.

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Go consult ur tutor!!! I was in the A level cohort so I'm not too sure what has changed, but here's some tips:. Like everyone else has pointed out here, pick out at least 3 pet topics. In my case it was War, Media, and Youth culture. My GP teacher used to give us booklets of examples divided into the topics to read up on. What we also did was get questions from TYS and past papers, and actually categorise the questions into the topics they fall under. This way, you could figure out what sort of arguments you might make while writing for that particular topic. From those set of questions you've collated, you might wanna learn how to "dissect" the question.

Get the topic down, and then figure out what the question is asking for and how you might wanna go about arguing your points. Then list out your "for" and "against" arguments and note down examples that could reinforce your point.