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Extracts from this document Introduction. February LLB (hons) Full time; Year One. (See separate sheet for full page of references) Tort Coursework;.

It is the book that almost everyone of us had in our childhood, immersing ourselves in the world of dangerous adventures, fame, fortune, storms and hidden treasures. He brilliantly composed the real chronicles about pirates, even borrowing some of the names like Billy Bones, Black Dog and Pew.

Mutinies also happened often in that historical period, but usually a mutiny was described in some dry words in the official chronicles.

Character Analysis of Long John Silver in Tressure Island Essay

We feel exactly like Jim felt while he was hiding in the barrel and listening to the pirate talks. Such details help us imagine the pirates and their lifestyle so brightly that there is no wonder in the fact that Mr.

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John Silver and his company became the ideal images of pirates for ages. This became possible, because Robert Louis Stevenson seemed to thoroughly study the history of piracy and he definitely knew what he wrote about.

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For example, the Skeleton Island is fully fictional, but its anchorage point is named after Captain Kidd — the real historical person, a pirate, who was mentioned in the book by Harold. The main character, the teenager Jim Hawkins, is the one who the readers usually also kids and teenagers associate themselves with.

He is curious, brave, noble and reckless, just as most of the kids of his age are, maybe as we all were.

Treasure Island Stockade Descriptive Essay

We should continue our list with the description of Dr. Livesey, the closest one to a father figure for Jim. He is kind and caring, feeling morally obliged to help even the worst of the pirates though the amount of the sarcastic comments about their state of health is enormous.

Hawkins after their inn is burnt down by the pirates. The next character worth mentioning is Captain Smollett.

Treasure Island, by Robert Stevenson (audiobook)

Captain Smollett is right: sailing with the crew of pirates and searching for treasure with them is an awful idea. But he is noble enough to say that he warned everyone just once and than, even when the situation seems desperate, he is still the one who is in charge. He makes the tactical plan and brilliantly executes it, he manages to prepare the abandoned fort for the siege and he feels personally responsible for everyone of the men who stay faithful to him. When Jim is taken prisoner by the pirate Long John Silver, he tells him, that he does not fear him.

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His words show, that he is no more a shy boy. His voyage has taught him to be courageous and fearless.


He has understood that he should be responsible, brave and smart. This voyage is an important lesson for him.


They should not be afraid of anything and Jim Hawkins is an excellent example of a brave child. The author has created such character for children, because he is a very vivid and alive.

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Treasure Island Term Paper

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